Our Akashic Records are actively interacting with us and trying to help guide us with information that is for our highest good. The Keepers of the Records, or guides, Ascended Masters, angels and God all have our highest good at heart. Sometimes in a Reading we do not receive the answers that we want. But remember, the Akashic Records will only give us information that is for our highest good. Through an Akashic Record Reading we can receive direct answers to our deepest questions. 

What Are The Akashic Records?

The term Akasha is a Sanskrit word and can mean life force, a primary substance as well as many other meanings.  Many of the current religions have defined the term based on the Akasha’s numerous attributes and apply them to the principals of their religion.

​Many equate the Akashic Records with a heavenly library. In that library is a book named for every soul since its inception.  The Akashic Records can be referenced to as “The Book of Life”. Our book is a record of everything we have done and experienced, what we are currently doing and will possibly do in the future. Since we all have free will our future is not written yet, but there may be some trends based on our past actions that in a way predict what might occur.​