Susan's Bio

My spiritual journey began in earnest in 2011.  Before this time, I was in the education field until my retirement in 2009. I always had a strong intuitive sense but was so busy with my life that I never thought to investigate my intuition any farther.

About a year after retirement, I began deeply praying for compassion for others and also prayed for a Light to show me the way to help others.  This intensive prayer continued for about a year.  Then due to health reason I decided to become vegan.  My beautiful daughter decided to take this leap with me. Of course this made the transition so much easier and fun. We have found the vegan lifestyle very easy to follow.

Within a year of becoming vegan, I started to receive communication from the other side. I would receive messages from my loved ones that had already passed. Then I began receiving messages for friends from their 

loved ones that had passed. With this awakening, I knew that I was to start my spiritual journey in a step-by-step fashion. Just as in a stone path, one stone leads to another step, to another…until you reach the destination of choice. I knew the appropriate next step would be given to me when God thought it was appropriate, not on my time line. I did not know where I would be guided. I trusted that God had a bigger opportunity for my desire to help others through compassion.  I also knew each step was building a readiness for what was coming next.

My steps included learning about auras, chakras, empathy skills, smudging, healing stones and crystals, pendulums, aromatherapy, watching many spiritual shows on the television, learning to read tarot cards, reading numerous spiritual books, meditating and Yin yoga practice.

 I realized that I had a sense of knowing things that could not be known through the five senses. That led to learning about the spiritual energy that connects all of us together and to God. I found this energy of God extremely powerful, palatable as well as awe inspiring. My readings and experiences introduced God’s energy through spiritual and healing energies such as tuning fork therapy, singing bowls and Reiki.  I became a Reiki Master and found the healing through energy from God fascinating yet humbling. Serving as the conduit between God and another human and knowing how much others were helped only strengthened my desire for compassion to help others.

I met one of my spirit guides in a powerful and emotional manner. One night while awake around 3:00 am, I experienced a vision that left me in tears. I was shown a young Native American male, urgently running through the woods. He was running so quickly the foliage was just a blur. He finally reached a  cliff that overlooked where his tribe had been located. I was allowed to see the destruction through his eyes and feel his despair. Everyone there had been killed and all their possessions were burning. He collapsed to the ground and wept from the deepest places of his heart. Not only was his tribe gone but also his parents. We wept together experiencing the senseless destruction and crippling sorrow of the loss of loved ones. After a long while, he and I just looked at each other sharing that experience. I asked him what I should call him. My sight was directed toward the side of his head where a single feather hung in his hair. I thought a feather, One Feather. Soon after I began finding feathers along my way. I was told he was leaving these feathers as a physical representation of my life lessons. One Feather remains with me and is my strongest guide at this time.

"Always remember, our spirit guides, angels, loved ones and Masters are always with us helping us along our journey."
I was provided the beautiful opportunity to be the caretaker for my mother the last few years of her life. After a severe fall she was left confused and forgetful. Everyday was a growing opportunity for me. Like many others have experienced, it is difficult to watch mother and daughter roles reverse. Everyday I prayed for the same things. I wanted my actions to allow her to maintain her dignity and show her the respect, love and compassion that she deserved. In order to serve her in this way, I prayed for patience and silence on my part. At times I thought if I just reminded her of something one more time, then she could remember and things would be normal again. I was honored and blessed to be with her as she passed from this world. We were together as I entered this world and as she left. The Circle of Life has such a deep emotional connection for me now.

Another one of my most life changing steps was taking the Yoga Philosophy course from Dr. David Druz, of the North Shore Meditation Group in Oahu, HI. I was raised as a Baptist and became a Lutheran as an adult. Many beliefs and religious practices never made sense to me. I struggled so much with these points that I left the organized church. The Yoga Philosophy Course resonated with me so deeply and profoundly. I now had many answers I sought for so long and knew this was the spiritual path I had yearned for. 

Along my spiritual pathway, I come across the term Akashic Records in many of my readings. I became more and more interested in the Akashic Records. One evening I was watching a special on Albert Einstein. During one of the commercials I prayed for a sign from God to let me know if I should study the Akashic Records. The moment the program returned from the commercial, the narrator said that one theory of Einstein’s source of intelligence was his ability to directly connect to his Akashic Records. Needless to say I was rather amazed and even shook my head in disbelief at how quickly and clearly I received my reply. In the fall of 2015 I took two courses in learning to read my own Akashic Records. After those courses, I knew that I was to learn how to read the Akashic Records of others. 

Since beginning to read the records of others and hearing the beautiful feedback after the readings, I know that this is what I am to be doing at this time. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as that connection for individuals and their Akashic Records. The Akashic Records always tells us what we need to know for our highest good at this time in our lives. The individual always has the choice to follow or not follow the advice of the Akashic records, because we all have free will. Keep in mind, our records only want what is best for us and will help us as much as we will allow them to help us.

Daily I am thankful for each step of knowledge obtained along the stepping-stones 
 of my spiritual journey. I feel blessed to assist others by reading their Akashic Records and eager to see what great spiritual adventures lie ahead.

Wishing you all Light, Love and Harmony