How might the Akashic Records Answers Help Me?

How might the Akashic Records Answers Help Me?

1. They might confirm what you have already thought intuitively.
2. New information could be provided to guide you when making choices in your next steps.
3. One might receive healing and understanding of situations that trouble you.
4. Strategies might be received that assist you for your personal healing.
5. One might experience a lighter feeling as a result of spiritual healing or a gift of awakening.
6. The information one receives might take a few hours to a few days to process. Changing thought patterns that no longer serve you and healing wounds take a while. But know that you have your support team of guides, angels, loved ones and Masters that will help you along the process. All you have to do is ask them.
7. One might receive answers that you think you do not want to hear. But always remember that the records will only give you information that is for your highest good at this time in your life. 

I always ask you to state a silent prayer of intention before your Reading. This prayer sets the intention for a clear reading and that you remain open to the information you receive.

What are the Akashic Records?

What Kind Of Questions May I Ask?

1. One may ask questions about past lives and how they might influence behaviors we experience in this lifetime.
2. One may ask if we have had past lives with people in our current incarnation.
3. Questions about our current life concerns.
4. One may ask about people in our lives.
5. Questions about our future can be asked but one must remember our future is not set yet because we do have free will to make choices.
6. If you think of a question, add it to your list. There are no wrong questions to ask your Records.
7. Do not worry if your questions are “worded correctly”. You may add information around your questions during your Reading.
8. One may ask about another individual, but only a question that addresses our relationship with them. For example, we might ask about our relationship with a spouse or partner, a child and others whom we interact with often.  However, we cannot probe into their personal business such as their health or financial situation.

In order to receive information, one must ask questions; the more specific the question, the better.  One must be prepared to hear the answers from the Akashic Records. Therefore, the Records will only answer questions that you ask. During the Reading, one may always ask for additional information or for clarification. I suggest writing a list of all your questions, then go back to prioritize in order of importance for your Reading.  Some questions receive only a short answer while other answers are quite lengthy. We will address as many questions as possible in the length of time you have selected for your Reading. That is why I suggest asking your most important questions first.