My reading with Susan was a very happy experience. She addressed all my questions. And as it turns out, the answers I received were mostly already what I felt was true. It’s really nice to get confirmation. She has an authentic air about her and compared to all the psychic and astrological reading I’ve received, hers was right up there with the most helpful. I suppose I’m just in the right space now to receive the information, but at any rate I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to another reading in the future. 
-Marilyn OR

Susan Michele is a gifted Akashic Reader who uses her abilities to read and receive information on one’s records very professionally. She will prepare you to receive information from your Akashic Records so that your experience is complete and profound. Among her many positive qualities and virtues are compassion, integrity, depth, clarity, generosity, sincerity and professionalism. Personally, the information I was given confirmed and supported my purpose, my ability to surpass obstacles on my path, the tests and initiations I have experienced in this lifetime, this lifetime’s link to other lifetimes, and that this lifetime has been dedicated to experiences that have helped me to truly evolve. For me it was an experience in seeing through my challenges to the greater purpose on the other side. I appreciate how she speaks to the power of Free Will in the journey. Truly I appreciate the entire experience. It was uplifting for me and truly a gift to receive confirmations and support of…everything in my life!! Thanks you Susan. 
-Donna OR

I’ve done three sessions with Susan so far and right from the first few minutes it became easy to see how well connected she was to the realm of information that lies outside our conscious minds. I asked pointed questions about my life and received beautiful, consistent answers. The pieces of the jigsaw related to those aspects of my life were falling into place thanks to her help. I’m grateful to her for the work she does and the gift she has and highly recommend anyone serious to try a session with her to see what doors may open up. 
-Mohit CA

Susan's Akashic Record reading was deep and insightful. She listened attentively and helped me frame questions that would evoke a clear response. The reading resonated strongly with me and it was highly beneficial to get clarity and validation on issues that I was grappling with. Susan's kind and compassionate manner made the reading a powerful experience.
-Simrat, OR

I had the most wonderful experience with Susan and her ability to open my Akashic Records. Susan's heart centered approach led me to feel comfortable asking any question I had while hearing any answer and helping me to get clarity if I didn't understand a response we were given. It was an amazing experience and I know Susan's abilities are heaven sent! I'm confident her abilities can help us all.
-Kelly, OR​

My reading with Susan was exactly what I was needing to hear. She brought together all the things I had been thinking and feeling but had not really been paying attention to. I now have a greater sense of where to focus my energy and time, and the result has been amazing. Thank you Susan!
-Bonnie, OR


Thank you Susan for a clear and insightful reading. It gave me a great feeling to hear the things you said. It also helped me to understand myself and those around me.

-Tom  NY.

I was completely dumbfounded when I received my reading from Susan Michele…it was spot on! Did I like everything she said, No! But it was a great benefit for me as I continue my journey. She is the real deal with a huge commitment to help others.

-Susan WA.

Susan’s reading literally changed my life. At the start I found it hard to formulate questions but Susan was able to help me word the questions more specifically to achieve a clear precise reading. For me the reading cleared up many questions about baggage I felt I was carrying but couldn’t understand why. This in turn gave me acceptance that my gut feelings were correct and the ability to embrace my life’s path. Thank you Susan. I am forever grateful.

-Joe  NY.