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Mandalas and Dot Art by Susan

Updated: Jul 23

Mandalas are are not only beautiful but also have strong spiritual origins. Enjoy the mandalas and dot art in this site. I hope you find one that you can't live without or find that perfect gift for someone among the selection.

Each piece can be custom made. So if you find a design that you like but want it in a different color scheme, let me know. While some art work is ready immediately, I will contact you with availability dates on custom design orders.

Full Moon Rising Lacy Mandala Peacock Rock

Sunset Over Water Energy Flow Circular Mandala

Desert Sunset Circular Burst Mandala Pocket-Inspiration Rocks

Starburst Mandala 8 Pointed Mandala Mauve Painted Rock

Copper and Gold Rock 4 Corner Mandala Burst Diminishing Dots Mandala

Ohm Mandala Love Traditional Mandala Rock

Flat canvas panels come in 6x6 inch, 8x8 inch and 10x10 inch sizes. They are painted with acrylic and sealed with clear enamel. Pocket rocks vary from 1 to 2 inch sizes. Molded round rocks come in two sizes: 3 inch and 3-3/4 inch.


6x6 inch=$40

8x8 inch=$50

10x10 inch=$60

6 pocket rocks=$25

3 inch rock=$30

3-3/4 inch rock=$35

Free shipping if mailed within the United States

Payments may be made through: PayPal, Venmo, CashApp and Square.


-5 inch wood easel recommended to display 6x6 and 8x8 canvases : $3 each

painted black $5 each

-6 inch metal easel, recommended for 10x10 paintings: $5 each

When adjusting designs for different size canvases, designs will vary somewhat but will reflect the design chosen. Each mandala and art piece is hand painted so there will be slight variations reminding us that nothing is perfect.


Feel free to contact me for specific questions regarding choice options:

Susan Michele-+1936.661.4104 and


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