• Susan Michele

Mandalas As A Spiritual Tool

Did you know that in Hinduism, mandalas are used as a tool to view the spiritual universe? It also represents the wholeness and serves as a model for the organizational structure of life itself.

As I paint the mandalas, I am calmed by the process. I am thankful for the mindfulness I experience as I am fully able to concentrate in the moment on "the dots". Those dots of course become a cluster then progress to the whole. The circular design, the connectivity, the overall feel of the interdependence of each dot and their contribution to the whole reminds me of the human experience. Each one of us is represented by "a dot". We exist within a cluster with a repeating pattern of our life routine. Each one of us contribute to the fabric that comprises our small universe of life. All of these small universes come together to make a larger cohesive universe. And so the cycle continues and continues...

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