What you need to know about the Reading:

There is a redish sunset with stacked rocks in front of a water scene.
Information for an Akashic Reading
Stacked rocks on top of water with a flower by the stacked roccks. Beautiful sunset.
Stacked rocks with a flower on water with a beautiful sunset.

You may ask questions about:

1. Past lives

2. Current life situations

3. Relationships 

4. Job, career

5. The future, past

6. Current events 

7. Loved ones who have passed

8. Pets and other animals



Process for the Reading:

1. Prepare your list of questions

2. I'll call you at scheduled time

3. You will say a silent prayer of intention

4. With your permission, I will open your Records with a short blessing

5. You will ask your questions and I'll explain your answers and you can ask additional questions if desired

6. At the end of your session, I will close your Records

Stacked rocks with a flower on top of water and a beautiful sunset.

What might I learn from a Reading?

1. It might confirm what you have already thought intuitively

2. New information can help when deciding your next steps

3. You could receive healing and understanding of situations that trouble you

4. You could experience a lighter feeling as a result of a spiritual healing or gift of awakening

5. You will receive only the information that is for your highest good at this time

6. The information you receive may take a few days to process. Changing thoughts that no longer serve you takes time