A picture of Susan Michele

Susan's Spiritual Journey

 I Prayed To Deepen My Compassion

I became serious about my spiritual journey in 2011. I retired from the education field which gave me more time to devote to my journey. I was raised a Baptist and became a Lutheran as an adult. Many beliefs and religious practices never made sense to me. I disconnected from an organized church and became more deeply spiritually connected to God.

A year after retiring, I felt a deep convection to pray for compassion and for a Light to show me the way to truly help others. I was always intuitive but never took the next steps to expand those skills.

I Transitioned To A Plant Based Diet

Due to health issues, I decided to began a plant based diet. My daughter decided to join me in solidarity, which made the transition so much easier for me. Within a year, I began to receive communication from the other side. First, I received messages from my loved ones who had passed. Then I received messages for my friends from their relatives who had passed. This was a pivotal point in my journey.

My Steps On The Path Of Spiritual Growth

Spending more time with Spirit, I was shown that my path would be provided in a step by step fashion. Just as a stone path has one stone that leads to the next one, I started to take those steps in trust towards the Light. I learned to trust and be patient, confident God was walking with me.

As my trust increased, my next steps included learning about auras, chakras, empathy skills, smudging, healing stones and crystals, pendulums, aromatherapy, tarot cards, meditation and yin yoga.

As my chakras opened I experienced an increased spiritual energy level that was extremely powerful, palatable and awe inspiring. I was led to learn about Reiki healing energy and became a Reiki Master.

One Feather, My Spirit Guide

One of my most memorable, powerful and emotional experiences was when one of my spirit guides came to me in a vision. Awakened around 3:00 am, I was moved to tears. I saw a young Native American male running through the forest. He ran so fast, the foliage was only a blur. He reached a spot which overlooked his tribe's camp. Then as if I was seeing through his eyes, I saw the destruction and felt his deep despair. Everyone had been killed and everything was burning. He collapsed to the ground and wept from the deepest places of his heart. Not only was his tribe gone, but also his parents, wife, children and siblings. We wept together experiencing the senseless destruction and crippling sorrow of the loss. We held eyes for what seemed an eternity sharing this experience that tied our souls together. 

Later I asked him what I should call him and my sight was directed to the side of his head. I spotted a feather. I simply said, Feather and then saw that it was only one feather, so One Feather it was!

Soon I began finding feathers as a reminder of my spirit guide and life's lessons. One Feather is with me for every Akashic Reading I provide.

My Mother And The Circle Of Life

Next, I was provided the beautiful opportunity to be the caretaker for my mother. After a severe fall, she was left confused and forgetful. Everyday I was provided with opportunities to grow. Like many others have experienced, it is a heartbreaking experience to see the parent-child roles reverse. I prayed daily, and sometimes several times a day, for my actions to hold space for her to maintain her dignity. I prayed she would feel the love, respect and compassion that she deserved from me. To serve her in this way, I prayed for patience and the gift of silence on my part. At times, I thought if I reminded her just one more time, she might remember it and things would seem normal again. I felt honored and blessed to be with her as she passed from this world. We were together as I entered the world and together as she passed from this world. This circle of life experience has changed me forever.

My Road To Akashic Records

I was provided an opportunity to take a Yoga Philosphy course from Dr. David Druz of the North SHore Meditation Group in Oahu, Hawaii. I received answers to most of my spiritual questions and received such peace.

I began to see "Akashic Records" in the books I was reading. I felt pulled to discover more. One night I was watching a special on Albert Einstein. I prayed for a clear sign to tell me if I was to study the Akashic Records. After the commercial break the first words I heard were, one theory of Einstein's source of intelligence was was his ability to connect to his Akashic Records. I was in awe by how quickly and clearly the answer to my question was provided.

In the fall of 2015, I took two courses that taught me to read my own records and then I knew I needed to learn to read the Records of others. 

It brings me great joy when my clients let me know how the Reading gave them clarity and peace. It is an honor and privilege to serve as that connection to a client and their Akashic Records.