Testimonials and Reviews

I've been doing readings with Susan for years and it has been a blessing and lifeline for me in more ways than I can write in here! In my eyes, the efficacy of one's actions is determined by the two-fold criteria of them coming from beneficial intentions and them achieving useful results. Susan firstly comes from a place of the heart, of caring and empathy, and secondly conveys information from the Akashic Field that have a great degree of accuracy and insight. I am amazed and filled with gratitude for every session we have done together! She has become a dear friend even though we haven't yet met in person!

Mohit J-India


I highly recommend an Akashic Record Reading from Susan Michele. Her process is smooth and thorough; everything is explained in advance and she really takes her time to delve deep into questions and concerns. Genuine, accurate and honest, Susan has impeccable stewardship of her gift and takes great care to deliver impactful messages. I highly recommend her services and insight to anyone wishing to grow spiritually or those simply seeking divine guidance.

Michelle W-CA

I was unsure if I was going to be successful as a coach until Susan accessed my Akashic Records. With her help I have gotten the confirmation I needed to confidently pursue my path and I am now a thriving Gigong coach. Thank you, Susan, for helping me connect with my guides and find clarity around my business.

Sean H-WA

Susan is a gifted reader. She helped me through a very difficult time with my Mom's last few days on earth. Susan's reading gave me insight when to make the best decisions for my mom's care.

Susan was also comforting and kind in her reading when it was time to end the suffering and lay our precious dog, Pacie, to rest. 

Sarah H-TX

I have had Akashic Readings with Susan several times over the years. Her readings help provide additional guidance as well as confirmation to what I intuitively felt is the proper action to take on various topics. I've asked about the health of my pets, financial options, health issues, children, upcoming events possibilities and much more.

The information that she provides through the readings is not always exactly what I want to hear, but I find in time it is the information that is for my Highest Good and I'm thankful to be able to receive that kind of insight through the readings.

Susan is compassionate, supportive and patient. Just the person you want during difficult times. I highly recommend her.

Michele P-CA

I met Susan Michele earlier this year and I instantly felt her kindness and positive energy. After a brief introduction, I mentioned to her that I was curious about Akashic Records and asked if she knew of it. Susan giggled and with a big smile said, "Yes, I am an Akashic Record Reader." Long story short, I have enjoyed my sessions with Susan and I have learned a great deal about myself. Each session brought me clarity on what I needed to focus on in my career and personal life. The profound healing I received from Susan and the opening of my records is priceless. Today, I feel very validated and confident to continue on my journey of natural healing  and growth. Susan's uniqueness and insight into the Akashic Records has helped me to stop doubting my life choices and smooth out life's struggles. I recommend Susan to everyone! 

Thank you Susan, you are truly an amazing lady and I'm glad our paths crossed.

Michelle N-TX

I have worked with Susan Michele for a few months now, and even though the time has been short the wisdom and healing has been absolutely incredible and beyond any expectations. Having her read my Akashic records and teaching me to access my own records has been a great learning experience.

Susan is such a gifted, intuitive, kind, beautiful person. She helps me deal with deep traumas and understand how to deal with the difficult things in my life by sharing tools and techniques that prove again and again to work.

She is a mentor, guide and friend in my life that I value so much.

I highly recommend Susan to anyone seeking to grow as spirits and humans.

Cirke C WA